This is the campaign to ensure that Labour members are given a meaningful Brexit vote at 2018 party conference.

We are hurtling towards Brexit – with Theresa May prepared to gamble our futures by taking Britain out of the single market and customs union.  

82 per cent of Labour members would support a referendum on the terms of Britain’s departure from the European Union, and 87 per cent say Britain should stay in the single market.

Yet our views currently have no place to be heard.


Labour party members can help to shape the course of Brexit, and we all deserve a say.


This campaign has been organised by a team of candidates standing for the NEC in 2018, along with Progress and Labour First.


Other organisations and individuals are welcome to endorse or formally support the campaign.


Luke Akehurst

Secretary of Labour First, former NEC member, councillor and parliamentary candidate.

Membership number: A113881

Lisa Banes

Sheffield councillor and equalities activist.

Membership number: L0150562

Johanna Baxter

Scottish Executive committee member, union official and former member of the NEC.

Membership number: A914587

Jasmin Beckett

NEC youth representative 2016-18, Community Union and CWU activist.

Membership number: L1182072

Eda Cazimoglu

Labour Students NPF representative and secretary of UEA Labour club.

Membership number: L1193580

Gurinder Singh Josan

Vice chair of Sikhs for Labour, Unite branch secretary and director and trustee of Hope not Hate.

Membership number: A635225

Marianna Masters

Streatham CLP Vice Chair and Lambeth Labour councillor.

Membership number: L1291653

Heather Peto

LGBT Labour trans officer and former parliamentary candidate.

Membership number: A661125

Mary Wimbury

Former parliamentary and assembly candidate, and Wales Co-op Party treasurer.

Membership number: A555105