There are pro-Brexit sympathisers on Labour's NEC who have been attempting to undermine Labour's democratically passed conference policy and ensure that there is no mention of a public vote in Labour's European Elections manifesto. This has now been confirmed by a leaked leaflet from Labour HQ for the EU Elections campaign that contains no mention of a public vote.

We cannot let this go to print.


In order to tackle their plan, LabourSay supporters have come up with their own plan for a radical, progressive European Elections Manifesto - that starts with our agreed conference policy of a public vote.

This means:
Backing a public vote on the final Brexit deal
A European Green New Deal
Defending Freedom of Movement
Protecting workers' rights across the Block

With the meeting where the manifesto will be decided happening next Tuesday, it is absolutely essential that we tell members of the NEC to back our proposals.

Will you email Labour's NEC right now and tell them to back our plan?