Conference notes

  • The Conservative Party has mired this country in Brexit chaos, following a referendum in which it was unclear exactly what kind of Brexit people were voting for. 

  • This government has no way of breaking the deadlock, and as 31 October approaches, a catastrophic no deal Brexit becomes more and more likely

  • Labour has a duty to commit to ending this deadlock by putting Brexit back to the people, in a confirmatory referendum which has the option to remain on the ballot.


Conference believes

  • All forms of Brexit will be harmful to international cooperation, workers, migrants, and action on climate change. 

  • The uncertainty around Brexit is already causing problems for key industries, such as manufacturing, and that British industry will be harmed by any form of Brexit.

  • Freedom of movement within the European Union has strengthened our culture, economy, our communities, and our public services – we should fight to protect it,

  • Cooperation with the European Union – on areas such as climate change, workers' rights and regulating large multinationals – is essential, and the best way to cooperate is via remaining a member of the European Union.


Conference resolves

  • Labour must fully commit to a confirmatory referendum on Brexit with the option to Remain on the ballot.

  • Labour must campaign for Remain in that referendum. 


How you pass a motion depends on the structure of your local party. If your local party holds meetings of all members in the area (AMMs) you just need to send it to your CLP Secretary (this is the person who emails you about constituency meetings). If your CLP holds meetings where delegates make decisions, you'll need to submit it to your branch secretary first. 

All you have to do is email the relevant person and let them know you'd like it discussed.