These are the pledges that thousands of LabourSay supporters emailed to Labour's NEC ahead of the meeting to decide Labour's EU Manifesto.

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New research by YouGov has shown that we're the only party that can beat Nigel Farage's new Brexit party at these upcoming EU elections – but only if Labour commits to a public vote on the final Brexit deal. It has gone beyond factional bickering now – Labour has a solemn duty to offer a vision to our country that is directly contradictory to the far-right populism of Farage and his eletist candidates.

Furthermore, it is vital, for the democracy of our party, that the Labour leadership respects the democratically passed conference policy that calls for a public vote.

A public vote on the final Brexit deal is the will of the Labour membership, it's what Labour voters want, and it's the only way to stop Nigel Farage and his far-right Brexit party from claiming a massive public victory.

Labour must commit to a public vote on the final Brexit deal in its manifesto for the European Elections.


Plastic floating in the ocean won't recognise international water territories, and harmful fumes in the air won't respect borders. Cutting ourselves off from our neighbours in Europe won't shelter us from the impacts of climate change. Our world is getting warmer, and the seas will rise on us if we leave or if we stay.

The only way to truly tackle the danger posed by climate change is international cooperation. Working together with governments across the European Union to fundamentally reshape the European economy in a way that ensures the safety of the future of our planet. 

The most effective way to do this is in the European Parliament, working within the democratic institutions of the EU to mandate governments to do better.

Labour must commit to a European Green New Deal in its manifesto for the European Elections.


Undoubtedly, the number one issue which the far-right used to win the 2016 Brexit referendum was Freedom of Movement. This isn't because Britain is a racist country, but because Labour had, for a long time before, vacated the traditional space of the left in defending the benefits of immigration, and the rights of people to live and work in whatever country they want.

From 'British Jobs for British Workers' in 2009, to the 2015 'controls on immigration' mugs, to the commitment in the 2017 General Election manifesto to end Freedom of Movement – the last decade has been a shameful one for the Labour party on the topic of immigration.

It is time for Labour to reclaim this ground. We will never defeat the far-right by pretending to be a slightly-less-bad version of them. We have to oppose their hateful rhetoric and empty promises – and we have to start with Freedom of Movement.

Labour must commit to defending Freedom of Movement in its manifesto for the European Elections.


From ensuring that British workers have access to breaks and paid holidays, to ensuring equal pay for workers no matter their gender, the EU has done a lot to protect and improve workers rights in the UK and across the continent.

The rise of the right across Europe represents a direct and dangerous threat to workers' rights, and Labour, working with the party of European Socialists, has a crucial role to play in protecting our current rights that are enshrined in EU law, and pushing for better, more progressive ones.

We should be exploring and identifying the issues that workers face across Europe in 2019. From legislating for the living wage to strengthening the role that Trade Unions can play in our workplaces, the European Parliament can change the lives of workers across the EU for the better.

Labour must commit to protecting the rights that workers already have, and looking for new ways to improve workers' rights in its manifesto for the European Elections.